Thursday, November 15, 2012

M is for Mail and Map

This week has been full of last minute ideas and pleasant surprises.  We decorate Diwali cards on Tuesday and realized that we needed a Post Office in our town if we were going to be able to mail them. Although we still haven't remembered to actually add the Post Office to the map, we have been busy pretending to write, mail and deliver letters. 

There was a little confusion about Letters (in the mail) and Letters (Alphabet). I asked one child, "Who are you going to write your letter to?" The response I got was, "The Letter E."

Today we were still talking about the Letter M. I kept emphasizing how Mail and Mom, both started with the Letter M.  I pulled out a flashcard to show them what M looked liked and was pleasantly surprised to see a MAP on the back of the card. Silly Teacher! Here we have been learning about Maps for two weeks and I don't even make the connection. So today we decided to each make our very own maps.

On Wednesday I pulled out some small blocks and transportation counters. The counters include fire trucks, buses, airplanes and trains. I thought it would be an appropriate activity to offer while we are learning about community.  It was an instant hit.

By Thursday we realized that we could use the blocks to make interactive maps that the vehicles could actually travel on.

Fire Station and a house that is on fire.

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