Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Meeting standards

This week we are focusing on Nature Camp. Today I organized a basket to bring with us down to the woods. I had a few ideas for things that we might do.  It wasn't until after we left the playground and I was looking back at the photos I took, that I realized we covered almost all the general Early Childhood Standards, entirely through the kids curiosity and play.

That is what I call a successful day!

Our basket of random stuff that we brought to the woods.

Dramatic and Social Play


Fine Motor Skills: Cutting

Early Language and Literacy

This was a first. They loved it!

Creative Arts

Fairy Wands.

Sticky tape arm band.



They collected these. Then they lined them up to count them.

Gross Motor: Physical Fitness

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  1. That was a jam packed day! Thanks for stopping by the Outdoor Play Party