Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rocks and Rope.

The rope (shoelace) was a  big hit on Friday. They asked me to tie it to their sticks, so they could have fishing poles.  Some kept trying to tie it themselves, but need some more practice.

They realized when the string was wet they could cast at the trees and the rope would wind around the branches. This kept them busy for a long time.


There was also some dramatic play going on about catching the fish and building campfires. 

While collecting rocks, they noticed this one was especially warm. We talked a little how in "the old days" people used to heat rocks like that up in the winter and put them in their beds to stay warm. They thought was pretty strange. :)

Tying up the warm rock.

"Miss Jessica, now the wind will never blow my rock away"
(she worked on this for a very long time)

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