Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mole Holes in the Snow.

I can't remember... Did the groundhog see his shadow in February?

The driveway is muddy. The snow mountain is brown and crusty. 

So last Friday we decided to explore the lower playground to get a different perspective on "Spring."

The preschoolers thought it was quite funny when I broke through the snow and sunk in as far as my hips. They were even more excited when it resulted in a giant hole for them to explore. 

Meanwhile....Last April

Of course one hole and several children was never going to work. Only because it was a warm sunny day and we are so very bored with snow, I willingly agreed to make more and more and more holes. 
Have you ever heard of a "pencil dive?"

"We are floating down the Lazy River"

We were having Snow Much Fun that an hour later 
I had to drag them inside for lunch.

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