Monday, April 7, 2014

Special of the Day: Lego Building

We have several different "Specials of the Day" that we rotate through (writing, math, art, movement, music, and messy hands). I recently added "Lego Building" to the rotation. This group is very into building with Lego (even before the movie). I know how much learning takes place through Lego Building, so I decided to give it more focus once in awhile, to really expand their planning skills. 

Our "Special" always takes place directly after circle time and is one of the few times a day where I choose the activity and we all focus on the same activity at the same time.  

When they left circle time they were given a three step direction.
1) Choose 4 wheels from the Lego Table
2) Make sure they are attached to the pieces that allow them to spin.
3) Bring them back to the big table

Back at the table they found yellow Lego bricks and basic accessories. Now their job was to build a car. They really enjoyed the focus and all being together working on a similar (not identical) task. Their cars were all very unique and there was a lot of conversation about types of cars, how it moved and other details they wanted to share. We had everything from jet ski cars, to turtle cars and even a flying car with wings. 

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